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Communicating brands should be easy. As an agency specialized in promoting brands we discuss goals with you and highlight means in order to achieve those goals. Whether it’d be through POS or other promotional tools – we always keep development, improvement opportunities and further potential in mind when conducting your campaign.


As an event-planning agency we take care of organizing your festivity from A-Z including venue scouting, hotel bookings, flower arrangements or staff recruitment. You are benefitting from our good connections with caterers, hosts and artists. In our headquarters in Kassel we even have our own venue to hire.

Trade fairs

We can provide you with a higher client frequency at your exhibition booth. Our modular system consisting of mobile espresso, cocktail or vitamin bars is a crowd puller and enhances your sales. Should your company be in need of service staff or food catering we can also make that happen. We are operating all around Germany and the neighboring countries.

Promotion Materials

Unique marketing collateral not only increases the recognition value of your brand but also creates an emotional moment that will linger in your customers‘ memory. Our agency will support you every step of the way in order to help create those moments by offering ideas, realization and production.

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There are many ways to reach the goal

„Unsere Kunden haben höchste Ansprüche an Niveau und Effizienz bei der Umsetzung ihrer Marketingstrategien. Als Promotion Agentur sind wir heute erfolgreich, weil wir Kreativität, Zuverlässigkeit und Professionalität zu verbinden wissen – und bei Messen, Promotion und Event bundesweit auf eigene, aufeinander eingespielte und hochmotivierte Teams setzen. Wir haben es mit Erfolg geschafft, an den Wünschen unserer Kunden zu wachsen.“ Das Konzept gibt uns Recht. Neben vielen Mitarbeitern, die von Anfang an dabei sind, freuen wir uns über mehr als 80 % Stammkunden, die wir über viele Jahre durch Veranstaltungen begleiten dürfen. Dies liegt nicht zuletzt an einer verlässlichen Planung und festen Ansprechpartnern bei den Projekten. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

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    We brainstorm

  • Refrehing

    Not like the others

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    We fit it!

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    Wherever and whenever you want

Our Team

...wonderful staff!
Marlen Bröder
Marlen Bröder
Azubi Event
Engel, Organisationstalent mit Plan
Ilona Krainer
Ilona Krainer
Holder of all wisdom.
Sandra Mijatovic
Sandra Mijatovic
project management trade fairs
24/7 organizing whirlwind.
Franziska Lejeune
Franziska Lejeune
project management events in Kassel
Finds all the nice venues in and around Kassel for you and is there for you for the perfect party, wedding or company event.
Philipp Ballier
Philipp Ballier
Tracks down new trends for you.
Serap Aydin
Serap Aydin
organization & controlling
Books qualified staff for your promotion and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. In case of an emergency she even surveys it personally!
Nora Linnenweber
Nora Linnenweber
Our one and only sunshine
Phillip Schmedtje
Phillip Schmedtje
Hat den Überblick. Einsatzbereit rund um die Uhr und immer gut gelaunt.


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